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George Keeling

Hi Tony,
Very jealous about your helicopter. Well done!

I hope you don't mind but I was looking for something suitable for my new website www.corporate-crap.com and your book stands out! I bought it, even though it cost about 50$ if it was to arrive before Christmas. My book I AM PROCESS is a a good deal cheaper especially on Kindle. It contains quite a lot about corporate crap.

So, I have borrowed some of your artwork, but also advertised your book prominently with links to radfordrules. I hope that is OK for you and if you would like to partner with c-crap.com, I would be delighted.

I can't wait for the book,

Best, George Keeling

Please reply to georgekeeling@gmail.com

George Keeling

PS that is not me in the profile picture, it is my Mum and Dad. More at 8-brothers.com

PPS Do you know about satphones? I want one.

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